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Here's what some of my clients say...


"I have trained with Susi both in group training sessions and as a PT and I think what sets her apart from others is how much she knows her stuff! Her attention to detail is impressive in PT sessions and she picks exercises which are both fun and challenging"


"It has been a year now that I have been going to Susi's weekly group sessions. And it takes a lot for someone to keep me motivated and engaged, come rain, cold and wind! Well Susi did just this! It is a great balanced session covering both cardio and weight training with some fun exercises but also a lot of friendly faces happy to exercise together. Susi has bee able to instil good mood, positive energy coupled with a solid program that keeps us all engaged and motivated all year around. I hightly recommend her classes to anyone, beginner or athlete"


"Susi's group training sessions are great - really varied week by week and catered for all levels of fitness. She's so encouraging too and really keeps you motivated - it's no mean feat that she's got me exercising outdoors whatever the weather and actually looking forward to it"


"Susi has been training me for over a year now and I have enjoyed every session. On initial meeting, Susi listened to me to understand what motivates me, my goals and motivations for beginning to see her. From there, she has ensured every session has been a great balance between challenging and fun. Working with Susi has encouraged me to consistently commit to an exercise regime. I have seen huge improvements in mobility, strength and general fitness. I have been able to achieve goals which I've never been able to reach before. I fully recommend Susi to anybody who is looking for a knowledgable, friendly and conscientious personal trainer"


"Susi has been instrumental in the massive improvement in my overall health and fitness. Susi and I trained together during my pregnancy and I am still training with her now post pregnancy. She is simply fab! She tailors your training programme so you reach your goals and she is extremely encouraging and kind. What has been a game changer for me was being able to take my little baby to our sessions. Susi would hold, feed and even change my baby whilst I trained. She is a superstar. I love training with Susi and would highly recommend her"


"I have been training with Susi as part of her group training session on a Tuesday morning. I LOVE our sessions and the group of people there. Susi caters to our individual abilities, and was so good when I recently had an injury, swapping exercises in order for me to still take part. My cardio fitness, strength and recovery has improved so much in the 18 months I've been doing the sessions. I wouldn't miss it, come rain, snow or heatwave, we're there!"

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