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Below are a number of common questions, but if your question isn't answered here, please give me a call or drop me a line and we can talk it through

What will I do in a personal training session?

Each session will be different and will depend on your current level of fitness, your likes and dislikes and your goals. Typically a session will begin with a dynamic warm up. This will be followed by the main the main part of the session which might be more strength based, more cardio/hiit based, or a combination of the two depending on your preferences. Finally we will end with a stretch session to cool down

What is included in the fitness assessment?

If you sign up for a block of 8 sessions we will always begin with a fitness assessment which is designed to measure your current levels of cardio fitness, your strength and flexibility. We will also have a consultation to discuss your goals. This is an important step as it will allow me to design the most effective training plan given your current levels of fitness and bearing in mind where you want to get to. The assessment is free of charge and will take about an hour

How many times a week should I be training?

This really depends on you. I would recommend a minimum of 3 x per week and for this to include a mixture of cardio based and resistance based exercise. However some people like to train more frequently than this, and others struggle to find the time. We will discuss what is realistic for you and design a training plan that will fit around your life. You may want to train every session with me, or you might prefer to train once a week with me and the other sessions in your own time

What exercise should I be doing outside of my personal training sessions?

If you sign up for a block of sessions I will put together a programme for you which includes both the workouts that you are doing with me as well as sessions to do in your own time. This will vary depending on your objectives and I will also take into account any sports or exercise which you may already be doing.

I am pregnant and would like to keep exercising, what sort of thing would be included in a pregnancy training session?

This will very much depend on your current levels of exercise and fitness. As long as your pregnancy is low risk with no complications then it is perfectly safe for you to continue exercising, whilst making some adjustments to ensure the safety of you and your baby. In a pre natal personal training session the focus will be on helping your body adjust to the changes it is going through. We will focus on exercises designed to strengthen your posture, your core and the muscles of the pelvic floor to help your body carry your growing baby and to prepare for the birth 

I have recently had a baby and I am keen to get back to exercise, when can I start?

Your body has been through so many changes and stresses during pregnancy and delivery, it is really important that you return to exercise when your body is ready and you feel ready in yourself. The guidelines usually suggest that around 6 weeks after an uncomplicated delivery (and after your 6 week check with the GP), is a good time to start, however for some women that may feel too soon. There are some gentle exercises that you can start as soon as you feel ready after delivery, these are pelvic floor exercises and abdominal hollowing - see my blog post on this topic for more information, or feel free to give me a call for some advice

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